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Movado Massage Las Cruces New Mexico

Las Cruces Massage Therapist 

 Hello there. And welcome.

I am available 7 days a week. 

 Select hours.

We are privately owned and 
we are o
perating within Hotel Encanto.

Please. Call for appointment and service availability.

   Please explore the tabs above for information on:

massage, salon spa menu, rates, products & specials.

 Massage appointment are

7 days a week:

Mon-Friday 7am to 8pm ending at 8

Saturday 9am to 5pm ending at 6pm

Sunday 9am to 11am ending at 11am

By appointment only.


Las Cruces Massage Therapist Danny E. Cadena.

A Las Cruces Massage Therapist for over 7 years, Est. 2009. 

Over 5 years of medical massage treatment experiance.

Service rates are not any higher just because we are in a resort.

 Distinguished rates. Massage appointments 7 days a week.

This not just my profession it is a passion, a gift.


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