• You may purchase in store.
  •  Gift Cards may be purchased over the phone and emailed or snail mailed out.
  •  Gift Cards do expire at 2 months of purchase date.
  •  Gift cards recieve $10.00 off regular rate excluding 30 minutes treatments. 
  •  Not applicable towards the Packaged or Established client rates.
  • Credit cards are though SQUARE. Receipts are via email, text or manually written.
  • This promotion aims to gain new clients who are serious about improving their life styles by maintaining acute and or chroinc muscular pain and or their over all personal health & wellness.
  • This promotion is for NEW CLIENTS only.   
  • This promotion qualifies for 1 60 minute Swedish massage or 1 60 minute Swedish massage with the choice of hot stone application or hand pariffin wax. 
  • There is no deep tissue, no fucused work or no myofascial technique.
  • You may purchase 1 voucher per person per life time.
  • Promotional value expires after 3 months.
  • After 3 months you will pay the difference in rate with voucher, exmaple: Value of expired voucher is $29. Subtract $29 from origonal rate of $60 = $31 difference plus tax.
  • Vochouer required on appointment day or you will not be seen.
  • Not for couples massages.
  • No transferable with any other specials.
  • Tuesday to Satruday 10am to 4pm only.
  • I allow 2 Groupon appointment per day only. 
  • 1 week advance appointment required.
  • Same day appointment request not honored.
  • Treatment provided by state licensed therapist Danny E. Cadena, Male therapist. Only therapist.
Recieve $10.00 off regular rate when you pre-pay your Massage appointment.
  • For massage services only.
  • Applicable towards 1 hour treatments or longer.
  • Not for 30 minute treatments.
  • 24 hour advance appointment required.
  • No re-funds. No exceptions.
  • All treatments require an In-take form.
  • Excludes Sunday appointments when available.
  • Excludes couples massages
  • No applicable towards Monthly wellness rates.
  • For local clients only wtih signed agreement
  • TIMES/RATES: 30m-$25 60m- $45
  • Applicable towards Swedish or clinical massage treatments only.
  • If you return past 30 days you will pay $50-60minutes or $30-30minutes.
  • If you return past 60 days you will pay full regular rate.
  • These rates are not applicable towards gift cards or spa massage services.
  • First visit is regular full rate unless pre-paid.
  • For local clients only with signed agreement.
  • TIME/RATES: 30 min.-$25 60 min.-$45
  • For my general Swedish & clinical massage only.
  • Not for SPA Massage services.
  • Only the purchaser may use the packet and may NOT be shared with others.
  • These rates may NOT be applied twards Gift Cards.
  • Packets expires after 90 days.
  • You may not "split" the massage times.
  • You may use lesser of the time but not greater.
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