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Soft Tissue Therapy is the management of tissue by way of manipulation and rehabilitation of soft tissues including muscles, ligaments and tendons. The manipulation of musculoskeletal tissue also has an influence on various systems of our body, including the nervous system, immune system, lymphatic system and fascial system, to name a few. 

Many of us have work, lifestyle patterns, injury or illnesses that push or effect our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing to lmits that manifiest in various forms, including pain of soft tissue, limited range of motions, mental phatigue, loss of sleep, chronic and acute pain, as well as headaches to name of few. 

What is the diference between Soft Tissue Therapy and massage? Soft tissue therapy involves me having an depth understanding  by assessment, a subjective and objective assessment. This will guide me in establishing an appropriate approach and treatment plan to address any pain or movement dysfunction which you are experiencing.  

Techniques ma include soft tissue release (STR), Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM), Muscle Energy Technique (MET) and Myofascial Release (MFR), which all come under the umbrella of Soft Tissue Therapy. 

During and following your treatment, your Therapist will then re-assess any movements that are restricted or painful to determine the effectiveness of the treatment. They will also discuss plans for continued treatment and if required, involvement of the wider multi-disciplinary team. 

Soft tissue therapy will have a positive impact on your performance whether at work, at home or in sport. It is influential in supporting the management of any injuries, aches, pains and stresses that may be inhibiting this. 

This may include: 

Occupational tightness, imbalances, stress or pain caused by long hours sitting or at a desk/computer. 
Promoting effective physical and mental recovery from exercise or work. 
Mitigating against risk of injury. 
As part of a rehabilitation programme to return to daily active lifestyle or sport. 
Preparation for an important gym or sport based training session. 
Periodisation of STT to complement your training programme for competition or work event. 
Post-operative scar work to improve soft tissue mobility and function. 

How often should you have soft tissue therpay or stand massage? 

This depends very much on you; you need to take into account variables such as life style, stress from work or home, history of injury, how intensely you train, how long you sit, how your body responds to load and treatment. Over all self assessment is key to becoming in tune with your body and understanding how it is responding to the therpay. 


I will advise clients more accurately after the first assessment and discuss an ideal management plan for you. 

Regular Soft Tissue Therapy has much the same effect as anything else we do regularly. It provides a way to load the soft tissue structures and systems of the body to stimulate adaptation and change in a positive way. 

As we lead busier, sometimes less active, and stressful lives, we take for granted the effect this has on our body and become accepting of aches, pains and dysfunction. STT has been shown to be influential in helping manage this and reduce the impact this has on our physical and mental health. Improving mobility, body awareness, sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, mitigating risk of injury, are just a few benefits. We want our physical and mental states to spend more time in a rest, digest and restore, parasympathetic state rather than a fight, flight and freeze , sympathetic state. 

Frequency and duration of treatment, depends on the individual but it can relate to how long you have had the issue, how your body responds and the environment that maybe driving the problem. Regular STT may vary from once or twice a week to monthly; as good protocol. 



LABOR MASSAGE. Pressure points initiated:

Common pressure points to induce labor or start labor in the natural way (With doctors orders):

Spleen 6 Point
San Yin Jiao (SP6) is commonly used for urological, pelvic disorders, insomnia, and menstrual cramps. San Yin Jiao (SP6) San Yin Jiao (SP6) should not be used in pregnancy because this point may induce labor.

Pericardium 8 Point
Acupressure Pericardium 8 Point is the second pressure point that is helpful for inducing labor. The Pericardium 8 (PC 8) Point is located in the middle of the Palm.

Bladder 32 Point
Acupressure Bladder 32 Point is a very effective pressure point to get help to induce labor and other related problems. Bladder 32 Point will help in inducing labor as well as in resolving many gynecological problems & infections.

Bladder 67 Point
Acupressure Bladder 67 Point is also useful pressure point to solve labor related problems. Bladder 67 Point will help to bring the baby lower for birth.

Large Intestine 4 Point
Acupressure Large Intestine 4 Point is the most common point in Acupressure therapy which help to relieve many pains, aches, problems in Human Body. LI 4 Point is beneficial in relieving labor pain.

Kidney 1 Point
Acupressure Kidney 1 Point is also helpful point for relaxing the mind from anxiety during labor. kidney 1 Point also relieves over thinking, insomnia disorders and many other problems.

Gallbladder 21 Point
Acupressure Gallbladder 21 Point is very effective for relaxing shoulders during labor induction. Gallbladder 21 Point will be helpful in to relax the mother during labor pain. Gallbladder 21 Point will also relieve Headache and Muscle stress.

Liver 3 Point
Acupressure Liver 3 Point is very useful pressure point for lower back pain.  Liver 3 Point is also beneficial in insomnia, anxiety, menstrual cramps etc.

Bladder 60 Point
Acupressure Bladder 60 Point one of the most useful pressure point to ease labor pain & child birth process. Bladder 60 Point will help to make the labor process (childbirth) & labor pain easy and reduces obstruction. Massaging the Bladder 60 Point with appropriate pressure is also beneficial for relieving Ankle swelling, backache and dizziness.

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